Frequently Asked Questions

Thuisdok is a new and innovative GP care concept by Huisartsen Zorggroep Breda. So we get that you might have questions about that. Below are the most frequently asked questions. Is your question not included? Please feel free to contact us.

    • Yes. We treat your data with great care and only the healthcare providers involved have access to your medical data. complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    • No. Just like a regular GP visit, an online consultation via is 100% reimbursed. However, there is sometimes a personal contribution for the medicines that the GP prescribes. This is also how your own doctor prescribes these medicines.

    • A website with which you can be treated safely online by a general practitioner, for example via your mobile or tablet. Before you receive advice from your doctor, answer questions about your complaints and enclose a photo. The GP reads this information and usually gives advice via chat and sometimes via video calling. The GP can also prescribe a prescription. If necessary, the GP can see you at the practice.

      Unfortunately, it isn’t possible for patients without a Dutch ID to use, due to the ‘Wet Digitale Overheid (WDO)’. For more information check the website of Ik heb geen Nederlands Identiteitsbewijs/rijbewijs | I don't have a dutch identitity card/drivers license – Support

      For now it’s possible to get in touch with our care team through e-mail: 
      1. Describe your symptoms. If privacy sensitive, describe the topic shortly

      2. If needed add an unrecognizable photo;

      3. Add your current phone number and date of birth; 
      The health professional will call you back as soon as possible, within 24 hours. 

    • The care is provided by a doctor's assistant, nurse specialist, and your own general practitioner. For physical appointments, we can refer you to one of the participating practices.

    • You can only be registered with 1 GP practice. If you opt for thuisdok, you opt for a more digital solution in GP care.

    • yes, it is not possible for us to treat patients without registration.

    • As a care group of general practitioners in 53 practices and 1 digital practice, we work together on meaningful care in various areas. We do this to maintain or restore good health for approximately 200,000 registered residents in Breda and surrounding municipalities. We are committed to keeping the fixed, trusted general practitioner practice and high-quality care in the neighborhood accessible and available in collaboration with all stakeholders and under the leadership of a younger generation of general practitioners. HZG has initiated Thuisdok to provide all residents of Breda with comprehensive general practitioner care and to promote digitization. For more information: