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The digital practice of Thuisdok.nl

The digital practice of Thuisdok.nl

Thuisdok.nl is a new digital general practice in Breda and the surrounding area. We offer complete general practice care in a smart way. What can be done quickly and online, we arrange digitally in a responsible manner, together with you.

For emergencies and for questions that require direct contact with a healthcare provider, we always have room for you at one of our practice locations in Breda.

Do you like to keep control in your own hands? Are you looking for flexibility while retaining full-fledged general practitioner care? And are you familiar with using a smartphone? Then Thuisdok.nl is the ideal GP practice for you! Register right away!

The general practitioner care of Thuisdok.nl is covered by the basic package of your health insurance.

Always available

Opening hours of Thuisdok.nl are daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. We aim to answer all your questions within 1 working day.


All data you leave here will be processed securely and only if and to the extent necessary. Thuisdok.nl complies with the GDPR.

Quick insight

Thuisdok.nl uses reliable and recognized resources such as Thuisarts.nl, Spreekuur.nl and MijnGezondheid.net.

Manage yourself

You can share your question with the doctor. Click on 'I have a question' on your mobile or tablet and you can get started right away.

You create an account once, you safely answer questions about your health and your complaint and you share a photo. In this way, the general practitioner can provide well-prepared online advice. If necessary, the doctor will ask you to make an image call or to visit one of our practice locations.

If you want an appointment, you can place a callback request. The assistant will contact you to schedule an appointment.